Grand gestures and an interior rich with colour

In the present interior of the living room, the seating corner lies in the lowest and darkest part of the room. The (modest) dimensions of the various pieces of furniture and their positioning against the outer wall give the impression that half of the living room is unused.
The clients want an interior design proposal to guide their purchase of new furniture that does justice to the space in this generously proportioned living room with mezzanine.

As my two options illustrate, the space calls for ‘grand gestures’ and coherence – such as one or more generous (corner) sofas, extension of the bookcase to form a linking element, matching window coverings (more texture, more tactile), a big rug to prevent furniture seeming to ‘drift’ within the space; together with coherent interior design, decoration and upholstery for the large entrance hall.

The clients love colour. The current colour scheme consists of (pastel) shades of burgundy, blue and yellow. The wish is to retain this scheme, so a new colour palette was designed around these three colours.


Private client


Interior design