The process

Bouwjaar ’63 goes for sustainability

If anything can be achieved sustainably, this is what I aim for. Examples include selecting high quality, durable materials, together with careful detailing and superb finishes. Resuscitating old doors, breathing new life into a floor or reusing other materials present. Accentuate and present your furniture, art, inherited objects or collection in an improved manner.

All this helps to turn the design into a personal narrative, binding you to your new interior in a unique fashion. I am convinced a design for any interior needs to complement the internal space to perfection, but most of all it needs to reflect and match the people who work or live there.



What Bouwjaar ’63 can do for you

After an obligation free initial meeting, in which I do most of the listening and ask a great deal of questions, I will map out what your wishes are and what it would take to realise these. Such an overview serves an important practical tool by clearly identifying the who, what, where, why and when. Depending on the input to these five points I can project manage the entire interior scheme from start to finish, or you can take away the design to use as a framework for having the job done yourself. Or perhaps something in between; this will depend on your requirements and how much you wish to take on yourself or appoint someone else to do it for you. A number of possibilities exist:

-interior design
-exterior design (in cooperation with an architect)
-art projects/exhibitions

-‘before’ and ‘after’ impressions
-colours and materials overviews
-design and working drawings (2D and 3D)
-advice on furnishings, lighting and materials
-guidance on choice of fabrics, tiles, curtains, etc

-complete project management service
-framework for you to realise

For the projects of bouwjaar ’63 have a look at ‘interior’