Pavilion Sassenhein

The Sassenhein pavilion is a catering facility in the immediate vicinity of the village of Haren under Groningen, on the edge of a cultural landscape with embedded ponds. The leafy area functions as an angler’s paradise, but also as a stopover for walkers on the Pieterpad or simply as relaxation for residents of Haren and the surrounding area. The pavilion is also available for celebrations and parties.

The Pavilion is a monument and in addition to a plan for the total restoration of the pavilion (by Holstein restoration architecture), a proposal has been made for the finishing and subtle modernization of the interior with new furniture in which the existing atmosphere and typical interior finish, such as the wooden panelling, that will be preserved and/or will be restored. In addition, skylights will provide more natural light.


Pavilion Sassenhein


Design/Under construction